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Lottery Winners Who Used Their Fortunes to do Good

Lottery Winners Who Used Their Fortunes to do Good

How will you spend your millions if you win the Powerball jackpot today? You will probably spend it to make your loved ones happy.┬áMaybe you will take your kids to Disneyland and bring your wife to a romantic getaway in Paris. Or maybe, you will buy yourself a car or build your dream house? But […]

Lottery in Florida

Sometime in 1986, the local government of Florida initiated the lottery game which it named after itself. Today, the Florida Lottery has been marked as one of the biggest lottery games in the world, having turned hundreds of its lucky players into millionaires and a thousand more into happy winners of hundreds of thousands of […]

Gaga Over Lottery

People from all walks of life have become captivate to gambling and other games of chance ever since the human civilization discovered them. In modern times, the most common game of chance is the lottery. Take note that people would not mind waiting in long lines just to place their bets. This fanaticism might have […]

Is it Time to Stop Playing Your Numbers? Part II

For the first part of this article series click here. 2nd Question: ┬áSince we have already established that betting in the lottery is more about winning and winning is all about money, you should ask yourself how much money has your chosen combination given you in the past years. Say, have you won any game […]