5 top tips to win more with any lottery

5 top tips to win more with any lottery

Here are the top 5 tips you should keep in your mind before completing the pay slip of your lottery. Following these tips does not mean that the chance of you winning the lottery increases because this can best be achieved by making more and more entries.

The main theme behind the following 5 tips is based on not following the pattern of other people playing the lottery. It is important to do so because if you hit the jack pot but then you have to share it with the other members too as they have the same lotto numbers as yours. This will turn your millions in to thousands. This happening is very common and the reason behind that is mostly people follow the same pattern of choosing the lotto number so if you just change your pattern then it will save you and you can enjoy your full share and full fill your dreams. They are as follows:

[1]Many people think that the numbers on which people have already have won big prizes are the lucky numbers so they again pick up these numbers. It has been seen that especially numbers from recent draws are more commonly selected by people so one should avoid such strategies.

[2] People have some superstitions about some numbers like lucky 7; similarly people like to pick numbers of arithmetic sequence like 3, 6, 9 ….. or 11,21,31,…. So you must avoid picking such numbers because you will be astonished to know that thousands of people every week pick up such types of numbers which means that even if your luck favors you, you still have to share it with others and at the end you just end up with a little amount.

[3] Now a days there are tip services available; it’s better to avoid them as many people are following these services at the same time for certain draw.

[4] Many people pick up the lotto number on the basis of date of birth; this again brings the people in a small pool because we have only 30 days a month and 12 months of the year while year range is also limited.

[5] Some people make certain patterns like circle, triangle, pyramid etc. on their pay slip and then they select those numbers which lie on the boarder of that pattern. This again is one very common practice which thousands of people do therefore its better not to follow this practice and avoid falling in this pool.

So we can say that the easiest or best way is to pick up the number as randomly as you can and not follow any patterns. Also avoiding the points discussed above will greatly help you out if your luck favors you for a jack pot and you won’t have to share it with others.I hope you enjoyed this article, and hopefully it will get you on your way to having a win. If you are looking for a complete lottery system with a money back guarantee and hundreds of happy customers since 1991 – It does actually exist! Click Here for details and see the hundreds of REAL testimonials

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