Florida Lottery: How to Increase Winning Chances

Florida Lottery: How to Increase Winning Chances

In 1986, the Florida lottery was enacted by voters by a two-to-one margin through a constitutional amendment.  Through this initiative, lottery was legalized in Florida with the proceeds intended for the enhancement of the public education system in the state.

This move allowed the residents of the state to benefit from the significant amount of money that was generated from the Florida lottery.  The quality of the games was comparable to those that were being held in other states.

Legislation intended the initial Florida lottery tickets to be sold on January 18, 1988.  However, because of the ample preparations and cooperation of the people with the recruitment of retailers, installation of ticket dispensers, and lottery terminals, ticket sales began six days earlier than scheduled.  The initial success of the Florida lottery allowed it to set a lottery industry record as well as repay the startup money it borrowed including its interest.

Frequency of Lottery Numbers Drawn

The Florida lottery just like any other forms of lottery around the world makes its own patterns of numbers drawn.  One of the ways to increase your chances of winning is to watch out for patterns based on the frequency of the numbers being drawn.  Statistically, based on the results of the Florida lottery from January 4, 1997 to December 20, 1997, the number 41 was drawn twelve times while the number 28 only came up once.

People that played the Florida lottery interpreted the trend in different ways.  Some included the number 41 in their 6-digit combination while others picked the number 28 believing that it was about time that it was drawn.  The problem now is how you correctly interpret the pattern.  Which of the two lines of thought would you subscribe to, betting on the more frequent number, or betting on the possibility of a number being drawn at least once?

Since we are looking at frequencies and patterns, the wise money would be to use frequently drawn numbers in the Florida lottery.  After all, these numbers represent a higher percentage of winning since they are drawn more often.  For this type of Florida lottery strategy to work, you must be patient in following all the results to look at the pattern of numbers that are frequently drawn and use them as the basis in choosing your winning combination.

Lottery Probability

The distribution of the frequency of the numbers drawn and those which are not allows for the computation of a probability theory.  The assumption made in reference to the Florida lottery is that the weight of the balls is all equal, as well as other factors that can affect the draw like their placement in the chamber for example.  By using this generalization, we are assuming that all balls get an equal chance of being drawn during the Florida lottery.

By using this formula, it is estimated that about 3.5 numbers will be drawn at least ten times during the 51 draws of the Florida lottery.  Using history as a basis, in 1997, there were exactly three numbers that were drawn at least ten times in all the draws for the year.  If you believe in this computation, then you can assume that the past performance of some numbers can be used as a basis for their future performance.

There are those who maintain that the Florida lottery like other games of chance rely more on randomness and independence rather than probability.  This is probably why there are different approaches on exactly how to win the Florida lottery.  Something that must be clearly understood is that regardless which of these theories you subscribe to; there is no guaranteed way to bag the jackpot.

Therefore, what can probability prove (or disprove) aside from the fact that there is nothing guaranteed in lottery.  One sure thing that can be concluded though with the use of probability is that it can increase your chances of winning the Florida lottery jackpot despite the seeming randomness of lottery, there will always be a pattern no matter how miniscule or short lived it may be.

Spreadsheet and Lottery Probabilities

With the increasing popularity of spreadsheet applications, there are a number of other uses that were not traditionally entertained, like the manner to predict the probability of the winning combination of the Florida lottery.  You can try out the following steps and see how much success it can get you.

  1. In any Florida lottery draw, the frequency percentage of a number that it will be drawn is pegged at 12.2%.  This means that it has about six chances in 49 that it will belong to the winning number combination.  Assuming there is no relationship among the balls that they do not affect the chances of other balls, the 12.2% then becomes the prevailing equal chance.
  1. Using the spreadsheet function BINOMDIS, you can begin the computation.  The formula is BINOMDIS (numbers, trials, probability, cumulative).  This will allow the spreadsheet application to automatically compute the probability of the winning combination.  The results of the computation can be used as the reference.
  1. Using the top six numbers based on their probability of being drawn will give you the potential winning combination.  In case more than six numbers have equal probabilities, then you would need to decide whether to choose six from those numbers or use all of them in different combinations.

Typically, what you can expect from Florida lottery strategies is to simply increase your chances of winning.  There is no concrete strategy so far that can claim a guaranteed win short of buying all the potential combinations.  After all, what makes the Florida lottery exciting is the element of chance.

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