How to Improve Your Chances of Winning a Lottery

How to Improve Your Chances of Winning a Lottery

Reality is, most of us struggle on a day-to-day basis just so we can carry on with our financial obligations. We pay bills and continue spending every day of our lives. This truth is actually disheartening; that we need to work round-the-clock until we finally grow old enough to retire. At this age, we might have saved enough to live a good life, but only after we have lost our youth. Sometimes people would rely on luck to get the financial liberation that they want. They would take the chance to bet in a lottery that would pay them millions of dollars if they win. Funny how amazing one single lottery ticket can do to the lucky winner and that the other betters could have been the winner have they betted on the same numbers, cards or balls that the winner chose.

Imagine what millions of dollars can do? The winner can do to any place he/she wants and stay on vacation for weeks or months; he/she will be able to afford the finest dining in the world, rub elbows with the rich and the famous, buy luxury cars and do so much more. Or, he/she could start his/her own business and earn more money. All these could have been possible have you had picked the winning numbers. Well, you might be thinking that luck is probably just not your friend. But do you know that winning the lottery is not all about luck? Of course, there are things which you can do in order to increase your chances of winning. Here, let me give you 5 tips:

1. It is quite obvious but I’ll still include this in my tips simply because so many people do not seem to care about this fact: the more the number of balls used in the lottery, the lower your chances of winning. Of course, 7 ball games give higher prizes, but they do this because the chance of winning the pot for this lottery is also very slim. Try playing 5 ball games or you can even go to as many as 6.

2. This one might be hard to comprehend but this is one of the most effective advices: Do not play a lottery that has too many numbers to choose from. For example, some lotteries would ask you to pick 8 numbers out of 40-50 numbers and only when you get all 8 numbers right that you will win a prize. You need to be aware that your chances of picking the right numbers decreases as the number of numbers in the set increases.

3. Do not be deceived by lotteries that use computers to pick the winning numbers. Computers are very easy to program to look as if its result is not manipulated by anyone. Always choose a lottery where real people use real balls shuffled in a washer barrel machine. This is the surest way to get un-manipulated results.

4. Some lottery shops will give you the option to choose their pre-selected sets of numbers. While it might seem as if this is a good way to get “hints” from the shop itself as to which numbers will come one, you have to be realistic that if the lottery system is indeed good and it cannot be cheated, there is no way that you can be hinted which number are most likely to come out. The best way to go is to pick your own winning numbers and then find a lottery shop that uses a reliable lottery system.

5. Use one lottery strategy only. Varying your strategy will only decrease your chances of winning. You should buy a lot of tickets and follow the strategy that you have been using all along. This way, you can concentrate on how you are going to win the lottery without having to mind about changing your betting styles. Again, if the lottery system is credible, the best way to finally “catch” the winning numbers is to simply wait and have faith that your numbers will be called.
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