Pick Your Winning Numbers

Pick Your Winning Numbers

Let’s get this straight folks before we go into picking winning numbers for the lotto. There is absolutely no proven method to this. Sorry to get your hopes up, but it is true. The lotto system is bound to change sooner or later and this is what adds to it’s randomness. A person may spend their whole life buying 2 lotto tickets each week, without seeing any return. Of course, this is all too common. With so many other people purchasing lottery tickets, it’s no wonder that there is so much competition. In any case, here are 3 different ways you can win the lotto.

3 Methods to Win the Lotto
Keep in mind these are not proven ways to win so be sure to play at your own caution!

1. Complete Randomness – Pick up a lotto ticket twice a week, or even once a month. Make sure you get your lottery ticket on a random day. Choose different numbers each time. Don’t record your numbers or even look at any of those details.

2, Visualize your Number – Some psychics have been able to see their numbers in dreams or even while awake. While this is very rare, you may be able to do it. Those who have this gift will see the benefits in this. Sometimes it even involves long periods of meditation to help you.

3. Pick a set of Numbers each time – Use winning numbers for the lotto each time, in your own order. Eventually, over the next 8 years or so – you may win with this combination. I hope you enjoyed this article, and hopefully it will get you on your way to having a win. If you are looking for a complete lottery system with a money back guarantee and hundreds of happy customers since 1991 – It does actually exist! Click Here for details and see the hundreds of REAL testimonials

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