Lottery Wheeling System

Lottery Wheeling System

The lottery wheeling system offers players a way to wheel out possible combinations to win a lottery game with. While not an end-all, guaranteed solution to win big at the lottery, it offers players who like to buy more than one ticket at a time a way to get an even spread of possible combinations. This will increase his or her chance of winning even a small prize at a lottery every time, or at least to make back the money spent on lottery tickets.

Most lottery wheeling systems today, however, suffer from over-advertising. How many times have you come across a website that advertised their wheeling systems as a guaranteed way to win big at the lotto? Too many times, most likely. While it is definitely not a sure-fire way to win big at a lottery, or win at all in some cases, it will at least offer dedicated players a way to organize their lottery tickets before a big drawing.

Don’t Believe The Hype

The prospect of winning the lottery is something that is guaranteed to attract people, whether they actively play the lottery or not. However, a “guarantee” does not extend to the lottery wheel. Quite the opposite, in fact; a lottery wheel will not give you a sure-fire way to win the lottery, no matter how much you hope for it.

Pure, dumb luck plays the biggest role in how a lottery will turn out. Lottery organizers spend countless amounts of time and money to ensure that lotteries always turn out random, whether it be in the equipment they use to the procedures they perform during the lottery drawing itself. A lottery wheel will not change the outcome of a lottery draw, and you will have about the same chance of winning as everybody else.

Past all of this hype and glorification, however, lies a bit of truth and mathematical proof to the lottery wheeling system. To sum it up, a lottery wheel can help a player organize a set of lottery tickets much better. A wheeling system will take a chosen set of numbers, and calculate the number of combinations possible with them, whether they are winning combinations or not. Here’s how it works:

  • Players will determine three key elements to work a lottery wheeling system with: The amount of digits played with a wheel, a minimum amount of lottery numbers that are guaranteed to match, and the number of chosen digits within this guaranteed amount that will ensure a prize. For example, a person will have the goal of 3 guaranteed winning digits if 5 wheeled numbers fall within a chosen 10 digits.

  • As a person chooses more digits to include in a set, the number of tickets required to play each and every possible combination increases. This is also done to ensure the guarantee of matching combinations with every chosen set of numbers, so it’s also important to define how much you are willing to spend on lottery tickets in the first place.

  • “Guaranteed” numbers do not, in fact, guarantee a win every time. The lottery wheel system itself does not guarantee that a player will win even the smallest denomination of prizes, even in the smaller lotteries.

Another great thing about lottery wheels is that you do not have to buy lottery tickets to see if they work. A variety of online lottery wheel tools exist, which will help you get the hang of the system before spending any money on a ticket. These are usually flexible enough to simulate the Mega Millions right down to the Pick 3 lotteries.

Chances of Winning

The chances you have at winning the jackpot at any lottery are not defined by the kind of wheeling system used. They are affected by the number of combinations you choose to play at a given drawing. This is something commonly overlooked by a beginner who is new to a wheeling system, and not fully understood by all.

Lets say you and two other friends will be playing the Mega Millions:

  • You decide to use an abbreviated system in order to net a lower prize. This system gave you 15 combinations from your chosen set of numbers, and the filtered criteria you defined during the wheeling process.

  • A friend who is also playing with you uses an abbreviated wheel, and has his eyes set on the jackpot. He also manages to get 15 combinations from this full wheel.

  • Your mother is also playing along, and picked out a combination of 15 numbers based on memorable dates and numbers in her lifetime, instead of using a wheeling system.

Each person in this scenario has 15 chances to win any prize at all when at a drawing. After all, the Mega Millions has 3,819,816 possible combinations. Each drawing will be completely random, no matter how many times you have used a wheeling system to help you come up with combinations. In the end, your chances at winning a prize are only affected by the number of combinations you play.

With the help of a wheeling system, your entire digit choosing process may be more streamlined. While it won’t boost your chances of winning the Mega Millions, Pick 6, or other lotteries, valuable time will be saved when you decide to buy more than one kind of lottery ticket. Once you understand the limitations, a lottery wheeling system may prove useful after all.

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