Lottery Winners Who Used Their Fortunes to do Good

Lottery Winners Who Used Their Fortunes to do Good

How will you spend your millions if you win the Powerball jackpot today? You will probably spend it to make your loved ones happy. Maybe you will take your kids to Disneyland and bring your wife to a romantic getaway in Paris. Or maybe, you will buy yourself a car or build your dream house? But after you have spent enough for all the things you used to only dream about, what will you do with the rest of the money?

If you don’t have a charitable heart, the simplest answer would be to save all the money in the bank or to invest it is a business. But there have been winners in the lottery history who have actually done something else: they used their fortunes to do really good things, not for themselves or their immediate relatives, but to people who they don’t even know.

1. Mr and Mrs Weir: $ 251,000,000

Colin and Chris Weir won the biggest lottery jackpot ever recorded in British history. The couple won a total of 161,000,000 pounds which is equivalent to about 251,000,000 dollars!

Since then, the couple has been known to have used their money to support charity foundations and fund for the care of other people. The good deed they have done to a young Brit teen recently became a headline in British newspapers. They paid for the kid’s high-tech prosthetic limb that replaced the leg he lost because of cancer. They also funded the training of several athletes in UK.

2. Mr and Mrs Large: $ 11,200,000

Allen and Violet won a Canadian lottery game in 2010 that made them 11,200,00 richer. The couple used their money to help cancer patients with their medical expenses. They also gave away most of their winnings to their loved ones and to various charitable institutions like the Red Cross and the Salvation Army.

They also gave aid to the fire department in their town. Giving was easy for the couple because of their simple logic: “What you never had, you will never miss” says Violet. The couple reminded many of us that the real prize we can get out of life is life itself, along with the people we love. “We have each other”, Allen said.

3. Anonymous Lottery Winner: $ 30,000

When you scratched off your lottery ticket and found out that you won $ 30,000, where will you go first? Well, for one anonymous winner, he went to the church and placed the winning ticket in the collection plate during a Sunday Mass in 2011.

The pastor was able to confirm with the lottery headquarters in Maryland that the ticket is genuine and he was able to collect $ 30,000 in full. The money was then used to cover expenses incurred by the church and to give away to members who are in need.

4. Sheelah Ryan: $ 55,000,000

In 1988, Sheelah Ryan won a total of $ 55,000,000 in a lottery game. Well, it is not just the money that hurled Ryan, because along with his winnings, hundreds of unsolicited investment offers arrived. She even got a little too many marriage proposals!

But, instead of spending the money elsewhere, she started the a foundation that funds charitable institutions. The foundation helps single-parents and even stray animals in the streets. Sheelah Ryan might have died in 1994, but the legacy that she left because of the Foundation she has started remained up to this day.

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