Michigan Lottery: What you can do to Increase your Chances of Winning the Michigan Lottery

Michigan Lottery: What you can do to Increase your Chances of Winning the Michigan Lottery

If you are a player of the Michigan Lottery but have not won the jackpot prize yet, you might already be feeling hopeless. While the wining lottery numbers are drawn randomly, these sets of numbers still form a pattern that you can track, review, study, and use to your advantage. One of the keys to winning the Lottery is by knowing the patterns that these randomly drawn numbers form.

While it is important that you review the different strategies that you can use by using the patterns of the winning numbers that have already been draw, it is equally important that you also know which numbers to avoid and not to bet on. The most vital technique that you should employ in playing the Michigan Lottery, or any other Lottery, is to play the probabilities. By understanding how the game works, you can increase your chances of winning the large cash prize.

There are many tips, tricks, strategies, and techniques that you can use in order to increase your chances of winning the Lottery. Here are some of the most important tips and tricks that you can follow in playing the Michigan or any of the Lottery games.

Tip # 1: Use the 2/4, the 3/3, or the 4/2 Pattern in Choosing your Lottery Numbers

These are the patterns that you should use in choosing the Michigan Lottery numbers that you will bet on. These pertain to the different number groups, including the combination of odd numbers and even numbers and the mix of low numbers with the high numbers. The low number field covers the numbers from 1 to 24, while the high number field includes the numbers from 25 to 47. 81 percent of all the Lottery drawings follow one out of three of these patterns.

  • The 2/4 Pattern: In using the 2/4 pattern, you can bet on 2 odd numbers and 4 even numbers or 2 low numbers and 4 high numbers.
  • The 3/3 Pattern: The 3/3 pattern is a combination of 3 odd numbers and 3 even numbers or a mix of 3 low numbers and 3 high numbers.
  • The 4/2 Pattern: This pattern is a combination of 4 odd numbers and the remaining 2 should be even numbers. If you are playing the low and high number pattern, you should pick 4 low numbers and 2 high numbers.

Tip # 2: Review the List of Hot Lottery Numbers and Cold Lottery Numbers

The “hot” Michigan Lottery numbers refer to those that have not been drawn in a certain number of games. For instance, numbers that have not been included in the past five games account for about fifty percent of all the winning numbers drawn. Losing numbers that have not been included in the past ten games account for about 77% of all the winning Lottery numbers. On the other hand, cold numbers are those that have been out for or more than 70 games.

Tip # 3: Know Which Numbers to Avoid and Patterns Not to Use

In playing the Michigan Lottery, it is important that you know which numbers to bet on and patterns to use to increase your chances of winning the jackpot. However, it is equally important that you also know which numbers to avoid and patterns not to use. By knowing these numbers and patterns, not only are you increasing your chances, you are also saving money since you have an advantage over players who foolishly and thoughtlessly choose their numbers.

Tip # 4: Avoid the “Single Number Group” Pattern

The Michigan Lottery is made up of five number groups. These number groups include the single digits, the teens, the twenties, the thirties, and the forties. In playing the Lottery, avoid choosing all your numbers from only a single number group such as all single digits, all teens, all twenties, and so on. All of the winning Lottery numbers being drawn from just one number group is very unlikely to happen.

Tip # 5: Avoid the “Consecutive Number” Pattern

There has never been an instance wherein six consecutive numbers have been drawn in any of the state lotteries. Even five consecutive numbers being drawn has only occurred rarely, and in most of the Lottery games, has never happened before. If you want to avoid wasting money on your Lottery tickets, it is best that you avoid using this pattern.

Tip # 6: Avoid the “Low Number Group” Pattern

Many Lotto players prefer to choose numbers based on their birthdates, their anniversaries, the ages of their children, or any other number that has significance in their lives. This means that the most commonly played numbers are those from the low number field. If you use this type of pattern in choosing the numbers that you will play, you are most likely to share your winnings with a lot of other people who also use the same pattern. While you should not completely eliminate these numbers important to you, you should still combine them with higher numbers.

Now that you know which numbers to choose, which patterns to utilize, which numbers to avoid, and which patterns not to use, you can now increase your chances of winning the Michigan Lottery. While all of these are very important details that you should never forget every time you spend a dollar on a ticket, it is also vital that you know how to spend your money wisely and cautiously. Make sure that you also understand money management systems to avoid spending too much in playing any of the Lottery games.

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