Ohio Lottery: How to Play the Ohio Lottery

Ohio Lottery: How to Play the Ohio Lottery

Ohio started its Lottery games in 1974. The Ohio Lottery is comprised of several types of games.  These Lottery games include the Pick 3, the Pick 4, the Mega Millions, the Kicker, the Ten-OH, the Cash Explosion, the Keno, and the instant games. The Pick 3 and the Pick 4 games have daily drawings, while the Mega Millions winning numbers are drawn twice a week. This state also oversees its own charitable Bingo games and has a weekly television Lottery game show called the “Cash Explosion.” The Lottery in Ohio is ranked as 10th in gross sales among all the other state Lotteries.

When the Ohio Lottery started in 1974, the drawings were only held once a week. Over time, the state’s Lottery system grew and now includes the charitable Bingo games, the daily drawings, the weekly drawings, and the instant games. The game tickets can be found and purchased at more than 8,900 outlets spread out across the entire state. Ohio donates all of its Lottery profits to the different public schools located in this state.

If you want to increase your chances of winning the different Ohio Lottery games, it is important that you know how to play them first. Here are the different Lottery games that you can play in the state of Ohio.

The Pick 3 and the Pick 4 Ohio Lottery Games

The drawings for both the Pick 3 games and the Pick 4 Ohio Lottery games are held daily, except Sunday. The winning numbers are drawn at 12:29 PM and 7:29 PM. With the Pick 3 game and the Pick 4 game, you can choose either a boxed bet or a straight option. The cost of each ticket that you play varies, starting from fifty cents up to six dollars. All of the drawings are broadcasted statewide.

The Ten-OH Ohio Lottery Game

Another Ohio Lottery game held daily is the Ten-OH game. This is one of the newest lottery games in the state of Ohio. This game involves drawing twenty numbers from a pool comprised of eighty numbers. The drawings of this game are held twice in a day. Each ticket costs $1. Players can win by matching five to ten numbers from the pool of twenty numbers drawn. $500,000 is the fixed jackpot prize.

The Keno Ohio Lottery Game

This is another of the newest Lottery games you can play in the state of Ohio. The drawings for the Keno Ohio Lottery game are also held daily, every four minutes. The game is played by selecting a set of numbers using the bet slip or requesting for an autopick. Twenty numbers are then drawn from a pool of eighty numbers, or 01 to 80. You can choose up to ten numbers. Each ticket costs $1. If you match all ten numbers from the pool of 20 winning numbers, you can win up to $100,000.

The Mega Millions Ohio Lottery Game

The Mega Millions Lottery game is not only being played in the state of Ohio; this is actually a multi-state Lottery game that has a very big payout. The drawings for the winning numbers are held three times a week at 11 PM, during Tuesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. The players pick a set of five numbers from the pool of numbers between 1 and 56. Players would also choose a MegaBall number from the pool of between 1 and 46. Each ticket costs $1. The payout for this game begins at $12 million and continuously increases until a player hits the jackpot.

The Kicker Ohio Lottery Game

The Kicker is a Lottery game that only the state of Ohio has. By spending an extra dollar, you can choose to “take the kicker,” which is a set of six numbers you can find on your Mega Millions ticket. The winning numbers are drawn every Tuesday and Friday in Ohio while the drawings of the winning Mega Millions numbers are held at the Lottery Central located in Atlanta. Matching all the six numbers drawn will win you the prize of $100,000. If you match two up to five numbers, you can win $10 up to $5,000.

The Cash Explosion Ohio Lottery Game

The drawings for the Cash Explosion Ohio Lottery game is held weekly. The drawings of this game are held in the studio located in Columbus and are taped in front of an audience. These are broadcasted every Saturday at 7:30 PM. Eight contestants play in this game and they compete weekly for a cash prize money that can reach up to $200,000. The contestants who play in this game are chosen by drawing instant lottery tickets sent to the station and have three specific “entry” markings.

The Instant Ohio Lottery Games

The Lottery retail outlets in the state of Ohio sell around 48 up to 52 instant Lottery games at any given time. These are scratch-off Lottery games that have varying cash prizes. These games also include topical and seasonal themes. Each of these Lottery instant games last for twenty weeks. The number of tickets printed for these instant games is between five million and thirteen million.

Now that you know how to play the different Ohio Lottery games, the next step is for you to review the different tips and tricks that will help you increase your chances of winning the big prize. Just remember that you also have to practice money management systems, in order for you not to spend all of your savings on playing the Lottery.

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