Washington Lottery

Washington Lottery

Just like all other lottery games around the world, the Washington Lottery was first established to raise funds to support various state-run programs.

Sometime in 1982, the local government of Washington opened to the public the very first Washington Lottery Draw. Since then, the game has evolved into something bigger and grander. Washington Lottery now has Scratch tickets and other fun games which have increased the lottery’s revenue.

Scratch tickets are played by scratching out the vinyl covering of the ticket to reveal if the player has picked the winning ticket. Unlike traditional lottery games, Scratch tickets have instant winners and the prize can be immediately claimed in the Washington Lottery main office. Other games offered by the Washington Lottery are: “The Daily Game”, “The Daily Keno”, “Hit 5”, “Mega Millions” and “The Lotto”. Jackpot prize ranges from $100,000 to as much as $360 million.

Washington Lottery’s scratch tickets have a reported winning frequency of one in every month. Over an entire year, Washington Lottery produces about 30 different games that can be played using the scratch tickets. These tickets usually contain prizes ranging from $1 to $1,000,000.

The Washington Lottery Commission is composed of five members who are responsible in administering all the games. The Commissioners also appoint regional heads to help them in making rules, regulations and in settling disputes. The Commissioners are appointed to term by the incumbent Governor.

The Washington Lottery is a proud supporter of anti-gambling problem campaigns all throughout the state. They also partner with the state patrol to help locate missing and abducted children. Anyone who has information about these children can just report to any of their lottery retailers, the retailers will then coordinate with the state patrol for appropriate action.

Washington Lottery is also a member of Page Ahead, a non-profit group that conducts education and book drives. The group aims to help low-income families to send their children to school and to help improve literacy among poor families.

History of Washington Lottery

The legislation that created the Washington Lottery took effect on July 16, 1982 under the administration of Governor John Spellman. The law was approved to help the state recover from the great recession. Before long, revenues earned through the lottery were used to government programs, build schools and support human services.

After years of amendments to the original legislation, the Washington Lottery is now giving as much as $100 Million a year to the Opportunity Pathway Account of the State of Washington. The money is used to give scholarship grants to poor but deserving students and to improve learning programs throughout the state. Apart from this contribution, the Washington Lottery also help in paying the State’s debt.

Today, the Washington Lottery has been a living proof that there are better ways to raise a state’s revenue than increasing the tax. Just like all the other lottery games played around the world, Washington Lottery has always been a lucrative and stable source of income of the government.

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